The Journal – Introducing Stories Behind Things

Teaming up with Jemma Finch @ Stories Behind Things 

We are excited to announce we have recently teamed up with Jemma Finch @ Stories Behind Things. Over the next few months, SBT will share insight into how we can connect to our cities through cycling, with reduced environmental impact.

Travel impacts our planet and people in a multitude of ways, environmentally, economically, and socially. So how can we travel around our cities while making the smallest possible impact? The rising concern for the health of our planet goes hand in hand with the rise of the sharing economy. From renting clothing to cars and holiday homes, there is a whole generation of people who are choosing the more environmentally friendly option of renting rather than owning.⁣

In the last year, the rise in the sharing economy paired with localised living has resulted in an exponential increase in cycling rental since 2020. Bike rental is an accessible way to connecting to your city, while keeping your environmental impact (and cost) low.

To find out more tips on how to connect around your city through cycling with reduced impact with Jemma – Read more

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