Join the Big Brompton Egg Hunt

Join us this April for the Big Brompton Egg Hunt. Find an Easter Egg in your local dock and be in with a chance to win prizes.

You could win a 12-month Brompton Subscription (delivered directly to your door), Gift Vouchers to spend online, Brompton Bags and lots of Free Bike Hire days.

If you find an egg when picking up your reserved bike, take a look inside and see if you’ve won!


It's really easy to get started

To join us, simply download the app, register your details, select your preferred dock and choose your membership - either occasional or frequent. Once you've paid your membership fee and uploaded your ID you're free to hire from any of our docks in the UK.


Download the app and select your membership. Making sure you have your card and ID handy.


Reserve a bike. Either outside your local dock or up to 24hrs in advance.


You can hang onto the bike for up to 30 days. Use it, Live with it, Enjoy it.


Drop off at any of our docks when you’re done.

Membership pricing

We have two very simple membership options.

Our occasional membership is for those that want to commute once or twice a week, or a one off adventure. If you plan to use the bike more regularly then our frequent membership may suit better. It has a reduced daily hire rate.

If you want to use the hire service as a thorough test ride. Any hire fees (outside of the membership fee) is redeemable against the purchase of your very own Brompton - up to £150 for a regular bike and £250 for Electric. Just speak to our friendly Customer Service team on 0204 538 3225 for more info.



£5 / £10

Annual fee of £5, with a daily hire charge of £10. 

The hire fee starts from when you remove the bike from the dock.


£20 / £5

Annual fee of £20, with a daily hire charge of £5.

The hire fee starts from when you remove the bike from the dock.

Using a Brompton

It’s so simple to unfold, and a reason to hire first is to understand how it works! You can find step-by-step instructions on how to fold and unfold on the dock.

Our top tip – dropping the seat post locks the folded bike together and also allows you to use the saddle as a grip for carrying.