48 hours with – Phoebe Liebling

Meet Phoebe, a true food enthusiast, here to prove that living in a healthful way does not mean we must deprive ourselves of the things we enjoy, in fact the opposite is the case! Phoebe began Natural Nourishment with a clear view; to give clear, unbiased nutritional guidance and this all marries together with positive lifestyle choices to optimise every aspect of mental and physical well being.

My days are a delicate balance between constant motion and moments of calm, with as much time spent outdoors as humanly possible. A merry dance for sure, and one that my Brompton beautifully canters through with me. I will add at this stage the relationship with these bikes is more than that of a ‘regular’ bicycle, their character, charm and distinct personality shines through from the first moment you ride one, and as such mine gained a name (Bertie) pretty much from the get go. They are less of a form of transport and more of an extension of yourself. In my opinion at least.

So it all starts with a swim on Hampstead Heath, complete with flippers because accessories are a girl’s best friend after all. There is a certain calm that only symbiosis with water can provide and if I have the opportunity my favourite thing to then do is to pedal power my way to the top of a nice grassy hill, take a moment and have breakfast before the day begins in earnest. At the weekends I will obviously spend more time here, delaying my morning’s pursuits depending on how long it takes my kit to dry….!

If it’s more of a ’time is of the essence’ kind of day it’s on with the commuting attire and into the office/back to the home office/off on visits to more infirm clients. The beauty being of course that I can dash all over the city with everything I need for my day, arrive at each destination and then tuck my faithful steed in an unassuming corner ready to convey me onto the next task when I’m done. The fuss is just taken out of things, and in my life where I am continuously balancing efficiency with enjoyment this is an absolutely essential element.

At this stage it sounds like I am writing some kind of ode to a folding bike and maybe I am, the detail of the design in itself could probably do with a sonnet or two composed in its honour. But before this goes down a track that I didn’t plan it to I’ll say this instead; 48 hours with a Brompton (whether truly yours or a borrowed bike) will be one of the best 48 hour periods of your life. They are great fun, provide a sense of freedom, and weirdly in my case it appears my bike has actually become a friend. Perchance not so odd when you consider how people personify their pets, and Bertie does carry my shopping back from the farmer’s market every week without fail, make it a far shorter trip back when it’s suddenly pouring with rain at home time after a very long day, and every so often leap out of a dark shadow and give me the fright of my life. Sounds pretty pal-like to me!